Sunday, 7 February 2010

How things change in the mountains.....

Today started with snow. Fog. Cloud. White. Grey. By early afternoon, it had slowed down, the snow. So I decided to go for a walk.
Marge's house is just down that road, and I turned and saw the cloud or fog starting to drift in.

Those trees, by the way, tend to wait till I am under them, and then they drop loads of snow onto me. It has happened frequently, and I never remember to put up my hood in time to avert melting snow dripping down my neck!

Here comes the fog. Or cloud.

Blue skies, and a glimpse of a mountain, for a brief moment..... I stopped for coffee and a chat at Marge's work, and half an hour later, set off home.....

The world is just white. Fog blends with snow and blurs edges. You keep blinking your eyes to try to clear your vision, so you can see where one ends and one starts.....

There is no longer any distant scenery. just what is there in front of you....

Those same trees which drop snow on me, but looking totally different.

This photo of one of the branches on one of those trees would not be possible without the fog. Normally, the village or mountains would be behind it, and you would miss the lines. So even the fog has its advantages!

It is very cold out in it though.

I have coffee. I am warm.

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