Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A place for my photos.....

Hahahahahahahah! I am getting better at downloading templates. I just seem to be acquiring multiple blogs at the same time. Oh well. This is the place I am going to post more of the many many photos I love taking. Especially when I am in Switzerland. They threaten to overwhelm the poor (main) blog at times, so a separate place for them seemed in order. And I liked the template!
There is a walk through the forest to the grotto on the mountain, that is a very special place for me. I go every time I come here to Engelberg, and often many times. It was the first mountain walk I did after that doctor told me I would never walk in the mountains again. It took ages, and 2 sticks and a sister as well, but I walked in the mountains.
If I had to crawl, I would get up there.
And you can see why. It is a place I feel so close to God. So intensely emotional. It is MY special place, I think. I am so lucky to have found it.


Vee said...

Oh magnificent! Truly. I love the template for this one as it fits so perfectly.

Crystal said...

I can see why you want to walk here again! I can imagine it in the summertime - all green and filled with dappled sunlight :)) I love the idea of lots of photos!!!

Morning Glory said...

I want so very much to walk there with you.

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